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About Us

Dispromedica LLC born thanks to the extensive scientific studies of Dr. Janeth Rojas on the functionalism of the skin, cosmetology, oxidative stress and disease among others. A graduate of the prestigious Universities and Institutes of Higher Education: The University of Zulia and Carabobo in Venezuela University, Institute of Tropical Medicine in Havana Cuba, Institute of Pharmacy and Food, University of Havana, Cuba, and Central University and South Florida in USA, who holds a patent for a product for the skin of people with vitiligo and several medical scientific publications and research awards on vitiligo and diabetes among others and a great experience in Technology and Product Development cosmeceuticals, and a strong desire to provide the general product lines Natural Cosmeceuticals, developed according to the needs of normal skin, as well as the skin affected by conditions such as vitiligo, psoriasis and hyperkeratosis, dehydrated and severely damaged as the skin of diabetics.

Our team

Our company has professional doctors, pharmacists specializing in cosmetic technology area of Venezuela and the United States, which ensure the quality and effectiveness of each of the ingredients in each product offered by Dispromedica LLC and processes manufacturing, thus providing high quality products that meet the needs and demands of consumers. Our medical staff and pharmacist is constantly updated in technology and the discovery of new ingredients for over ten years to improve and restore the skin naturally, make it more functional and Bella. Additionally, we have highly trained in the area of marketing, management and business consultancy, who have long experience and make our company is well organized in all aspects.


Our product lines

All our formulas have been developed under the highest quality standards, following strict FDA standards to ensure quality cosmetic products. We use certified raw material quality, all designs of our formulations are run by medical professionals, cosmetologists and Drugs with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of ethno-medicine and the development of innovative cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

We currently have three lines of cosmeceuticals:

Natural Line " Jan-Natura ", for people with normal skin that needs re-commission the natural defenses of the skin and to restore lost vigor by many chemicals that alter the natural pH of the skin and return it beautiful and natural .

This line features products for the skin care, as part of the daily routine of feminine beauty for the face and body with anti-aging properties, elasticity and hydration to the skin, peel, stain and potent antioxidants, among others.

• The line " Dhiabetinat " to the skin of people with Diabete. It is known that this disease alters the natural pH of the skin, produces angiopathy and neuropathy which alters the normal function of the skin and thus becomes alkaline extremely dry, dehydrated and severely damaged, prone to infections, among other disorders. This line offers products that restore the normal pH of the skin, returning nutrients to the skin to function, repaired and hydrate deeply and naturally.

This line has: Cream Intensive Moisturizing the skin with pH 5.5. Cream of feet deep moisturizing, antiseptic and repair the damage caused by hyperkeratosis, stimulates local microcirculation and healing. Shampoo and Conditioner Free of sulfates, parabens and pH 5.5.

• Line " Vitilderm " These products are intended to restore pigmentation of the skin, restoring the balance between free radicals and antioxidants, helping in the process of healing of the disease vitiligo as tones, hydrates and prevents the process of oxidative stress produced by the melanocytes in people with Vitiligo.

• This line has: Des-stressful Cell Cream, Sunscreen, Cleaners, Cleaner, Moisturizing Tonic, Cream adjuvant pigmentation, Shampoo, Conditioner, among others that being cosmeceuticals restore and protect the skin beauty.



Our Objective:  Our objective is to guarantee the quality of our products and services to our customers and consumers.

Mission: To provide cosmetic and cosmeceutical products, high quality at affordable prices with beneficial properties for skin, hair, nails, face, hands and feet, designed with specially selected raw materials under the highest standards of quality to meet the needs of our customers, optimizing increasingly our services and production processes, ensuring the quality of our products with an exceptional array of attractive and innovative products.

To be the distributor of products cosmocéuticos most momentous of the U.S., where consumer outlets most important, and expand our product portfolio by creating different lines that meet basic cosmetic and cosmeceutical World Market.


  • Integrity: We believe that honesty, transparency, strong moral principles and high ethical standards are essential in every aspect of our approach. We have the courage to accept responsibility for our actions.
  • Commitment: We are passionate about the execution of our strategies to organize and use the best of our abilities and sincere dedication. We deliver what is expected of us with clear focus on priorities and total coverage.
  • Adding value: We have a profitable relationship between the parties giving their value our customers, business partners, employees and community, under an effective process to make a difference.
  • We never felt satisfied to believe in continuous improvement in every aspect of our operations. We challenge what we now do and we do most efficiently energize environment under which we work, to achieve a better quality of work, a more efficient service and a world class standard.
Dr. Janeth Rojas U.
MD. Esp. MCs. PhD Health Sciences
Postdoctoral Oxidative Stress and Disease